Artisan Chocolates


Italian sweet almond flavor with pine nuts and milk chocolate


Classic smooth, creamy, homemade caramel enrobed in dark chocolate

Cherry Kirsch

Rich decadent ganache with dried cherry pieces and Kirshwasser covered in white chocolate


Thick caramel based ganache that teams up with the full flavor and aroma of coffee beans dressed in milk chocolate

Creme de Mint

invigorating blend of mint and chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate


Earl Grey

Fine black distinctive blend of tea with the citrus fruit flavor of bergamot enrobed in milk chocolate



a tart and tangy fruit ganache with an underlying sweetness surrounded in white chocolate


Island Time

A refreshing blend of tequila and lime liqueur concealed in white chocolate



a calming soothing flower filling enrobed in white chocolate



A tangy mild orange flavor with citrus confit wrapped in milk chocolate

Peanut Butter

A crunchy, creamy filling made with Virginia salted peanuts encased in dark chocolate

Raspberry Guinness

A delectably elegant raspberry center that has a creamy ubiquitous Irish stout flavor surrounded by dark chocolate